Bjarte Bogsnes

Author on Beyond Budgeting

Agile transformation and the elephant in the room

30 October 2023, 09:45

Bjarte has almost 30 years of Beyond Budgeting experience, having worked in both Finance and HR. He has headed up two Beyond Budgeting implementations, at Borealis and then Statoil (now Equinor). He is the Chairman of the Beyond Budgeting Roundtable, and has helped numerous companies globally getting started on their own Beyond Budgeting journey. 

Bjarte has 20 year of leadership experience, much of the time outside of his home country Norway.

His book "Implementing Beyond Budgeting - Unlocking the Performance Potential - 2nd edition" (Wiley US 2016) is the story about Bjarte's own Beyond Budgeting journey.

His new book ‚This is Beyond Budgeting -A Guide to More Adaptive and Human Organizations

  • The problems with traditional management, including budgeting

  • The Beyond Budgeting model

  • Companies on the journey

  • Why agile transformations often fail

  • How to get started