Davide Sola

Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship - 3 Horizons

Strategic Agility in a ever more VUCA world

31 October 2023, 09:45

Davide is the Jean-Baptiste Say Entrepreneurship Chair in London as well as the CEO at 3HORIZONS, the leading Strategy as a Service solution provider. Davide is Italian, graduated from ESCP Business School (formerly ESCP-EAP) and the University of Turin. He has earned a Phd in enterprise economics from the University of Turin. Professor Sola is full Professor at ESCP Business School and Visiting in other leading business Schools such as Judge Business School in Cambridge, AALTO Business School in Helsinki and Cotrugli Business School in Zagreb.

Davide has 20+ years experience in strategy consulting at McKinsey & Company, 3H Partners and 3HORIZONS covering a wide range of industries ranging from Food and Beverage to Healthcare to Energy to Technology to Government and Financial Services.

He is author of numerous articles, policy papers, book chapters, case studies and presents regularly at international research conferences. His book “How to think Strategically. Your roadmap to Innovation and results” (co-authored with J. Couturier) published by the Financial Times was nominated for the prestigious Management book of the Year award by the CMI and British Library. Most recently the Harvard Business Review (January-February edition) published a seminal work of Prof. Sola (co-authored with Prof. Rayport of Harvard Business School) a paper on scaling organisations “The Overlooked Key to successful Scale Ups”.

Davide Sola speaks fluently four languages (French, English, German and Italian). He lives in London with his wife Stella and his three children Lorenzo Alexander, Edoardo Maximillian and Allegra Grace Sophia.

Agility has become an everyday term. Often though we interpret its meaning as being fast. In fact, agility is the ability of managing "unknown unknowns".

In this session we will discuss how "agile" concepts can be applied to strategy formulation and to strategy execution. We will review how organisations that strive to be resilient involve their people  top down and bottom up in the strategy process. We will review best practices and tools that organisations have adopted to build such "agile mindset".