Heath Gascoigne

Business Transformator, Author of the best-selling Business Transformation Playbook

With great power comes great responsibility

31 October 2023, 09:15

Heath is the award winning author of the Amazon Bestseller - Business Transformation Playbook. Confused with where to start your business transformation? Throwing more money & resources at it, is not making it go any faster or smoother? Looking for a better way to transform your organisation? (keep reading)

Heath has been called into help clients in your position, a few times. First, the 1st type of company he helps are clients that know they need to change but don't know where to start. Second, the 2nd type of company he helps, is ones that have already started, and they are throwing more money and people at the problem but aren't going any faster (they've actually made it worse). (either way, it's the same old thing, they are convinced they need more people, money, time & technology - Heath assures you, you don't). Good news is after 15yrs rescuing some of UKs largest transformations projects Heath can say, they have simplified the complex transformation process to an easy to follow 6-step process.

With the abundance of information in today's world, people are trusting of established brands and consultants to make informed decisions without challenge, but are they leading to the right outcomes. In this talk, Heath asks us, the Business Transformators, to challenge the status quo and make real change a reality