Michael Gothe

Agile Organisational Coach

Three core strategies for Leading in Complexity

31 October 2023, 11:20

Michael is an Agile Organisational Coach at Crisp based in Stockholm, Sweden. He has 20+ years of experience in building high-performance team-based Agile organisations. Michael has worked with large multinational/cultural organisations, start-up companies, the public sector, and non-profits. He is co-host of the Leading Complexity Programme. He is passionate about transforming businesses to become truly Agile organisations that not only create fantastic value for customers but also are an inspiring place for people to work. 

The changes in the world are accelerating. The truth is that change will never again go as “slow” as it does today. This increases the demand for leaders in organisations. Typical challenges we hear from clients are: - Feeling overwhelmed - Caught in the middle, I have so many bosses and demands - I feel a lack of support - How do I decide when everything is the highest priority - How do I decide - I am supposed to have full responsibility, but I depend on others - There are just too many changes going on at the same time.

How can we navigate this complexity? In these times, there is a need for a new way of leading. It implies self-mastery, harnessing collective intelligence and new ways of organising. In this talk, Michael will explore three core strategies for leading in complexity.