Stephen de Villiers Graaff

Managing Director of Gravity Works Consulting

Curate your Space

31 October 2023, 14:00

Stephen is curious, people-focussed and passionate about helping teams be the best they can be while delivering exceptional value to their clients. As a Scaled Agile Programme Consultant (SPC) and Development Manager, he has been responsible for balancing the delivery of new functionality with that of maintaining and enhancing the current product set, while helping teams and individuals discover and refine their ways of working. As a Coach, he has trained and coached Executives, Scrum Masters, Product Managers and Product Owners in how to pragmatically take on their roles. The approach to the delivery of value needs to be inclusive, it needs to simplify, connect and invigorate. We're not here to rewire the world... we're here to help create a world with fewer wires.

In a world that is picking up speed at an alarming pace, the need to build creative and innovative spaces is becoming increasingly important. However, creation and innovation are inherently messy, non-linear, and can be straight up uncomfortable. This presents a challenge to leaders who are required not only to create a space where people can thrive, but to curate it, so they can continue to thrive. This talk examines the three currencies leaders must invest in: The currencies of Care, Curiosity, and Connection. I will also unpack how spending these currencies wisely can help us navigate the unpredictable, beautiful, and sometimes wild, aspects of innovation, and being human.