Stuart Mann

Agile Practice Lead

Agile Leadership: Got your back or holding you back?

31 October 2023, 16:00

Throughout his career, Stuart has been able to drive innovation through organisations and consider the pragmatic application of processes and frameworks to be one of his strengths. He is a level-headed person who is flexible and able to adapt to working in different situations and within different environments. He thrives on big challenges and love training, facilitation and taking a creative approach to problem solving. 

Stuart is a frequent presenter at local and international conferences where he typically provides a different perspective on traditional topics. He is also a prolific writer with a popular blog (, monthly column in South Africa's largest running publication (Modern Athlete) and a regular contributor of athletics articles to

Want to become a great agile leader? This talk uses practical examples and analogy to explain the change from traditional to agile leadership and provides simple tips and techniques to put this into practice so that you can become a great agile leader and make a difference in the world.